Oldboy – Review

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Oh Dae-su (Choi Min-Sik) is freed after fifteen years in captivity, with no explanation as to why he’s been detained.

Determined to exact revenge on his captors, he sets out to solve the mystery, with the help and emotional support of a beautiful young waitress.

At first, he finds it hard to adapt to his freedom, tormented by memories of the extreme torture he’d suffered. Only his drive for revenge keeps him going.


The latest high profile film to emerge from the far east has much to recommend it: style, shocks, thrills, excitement.

But you’ll need a strong constitution. It’s one of the most knuckle-bitingly violent films you’re ever likely to see.

You’ll find yourself watching most of it through the gaps in your fingers, as you try to unravel the convoluted plot.

If violence, subtitles and a complex story are ingredients for your perfect film, prepare for a challenging watch.