Inside I’m Dancing – Review

Worth seeing: as a surprisingly rewarding, funny and life affirming buddy movie about two severely disabled young men
Director:Damien O’Donnell
Featuring:James McAvoy, Romola Garai, Steven Robertson, Alan King, Anna Healy, Brenda Fricker, Ruth McCabe, Tom Hickey
Length:104 minutes
Country:Ireland, UK
Released:15th October 2004


Michael (Steven Robertson) is bursting with frustration. His mind is sharp but it’s trapped in a body with cerebral palsy.

His life is in a rut until the arrival at his care home of cocky Rory (James McAvoy) whose muscular dystrophy allows him to use only two fingers – and his mouth.

They form an unlikely friendship as Rory leads Michael horribly astray. But the adventure opens his eyes to the real world, giving him a taste for life


Who’d have thought a film about an unlikely bond between two severely disabled men could be so heart-warming, life-affirming and just plain funny?

Director Damien O’Donnell’s light touch turns what could’ve ended up a worthy ordeal into an unexpected delight.

The two able-bodied lead actors deliver outstandingly convincing performances, and the charming Romola Garai confirms her potential as a star of the future.

A surprisingly rewarding and easy watch.