Paw Patrol: Mighty Pups – Review

Worth seeing: the PAW Patrol segment for kids who want to be wowed by their favourite hero pups on the big screen
Director:Charles E Bastien
Featuring:Eric O'Carroll, Fin Harvey, Fraser Martin, Holly Thomas, Lois Hardie, Noah Ashby, Nye James, Sam Brown, Samuel Woodward, Eric O'Carroll, Fin Harvey, Fraser Martin, Holly Thomas, Lois Hardie, Noah Ashby, Nye James, Sam Brown, Samuel Woodward
Length: minutes
Released:17th May 2019


When evil Mayor Humdinger’s attempts to conquer space go wrong, his space-craft collides with a meteor, sending it hurtling towards Earth.

The Paw Patrol steps in save the day, but having stopped the meteor causing too much damage, they realise that their encounter with the space rock has given them super-powers.

When Mayor Humdinger’s nephew realises what’s happened, he seeks similar super-powers for himself and tries to take control of Adventure Bay himself.

Can Chase, Marshall, Zuma and the rest of the team rise to the challenge and restore the status quo?


Anyone who’s enjoyed – or been forced to watch – the standard twenty-three minute long episodes of this children’s favourite might be wondering how on earth Nickleodeon have managed to stretch the concept of the seven pups saving the day to feature length. And the answer is, they haven’t.

This is basically a double-length episode that’s been packaged together with episodes of two other Nickleodeon shows to clock up a running time approaching an hour and a half.

Top Wing is essentially Paw Patrol but with birds, so that’s at least a compatible show, even if it doesn’t have the originality and brand recognition of the Paw Patrol itself. But who on earth thought that tagging Butterbean’s Cafe – featuring fairies squirting icing onto cupcakes – would suit audiences who’ve gone to see hero dogs fighting for justice? It’s a juxtaposition that will leave many parents feeling cheated.

The Paw Patrol episode itself can’t really be faulted; it’s exactly what anyone who knows it would expect, but longer, far from the sharpest animation and unlike the Pixars of this world, it has nothing to offer adults at all. The resolution of the picture sits uncomfortably on the big screen. And one thing that’s as unforgiveable as it is inexplicable is that the well-known theme song has been changed – the tune remains the same but instead of singing “Paw Patrol”, they sing “Mighty Pups.”

But it’s target audience of four and five year olds will be wowed by seeing their favourite pups on the big screen and additionally excited to see them in action with enhanced powers. And what four and five year old doesn’t like a bit of space mixed in with their super-heroes.

PAW Patrol + space + super powers = a perfect 44 minutes of fun for pre-schoolers and reception year children, but for anyone else, the only satisfaction to be gained from this would be the look of wonder and excitement on their children’s faces…until Butterbean Cafe comes on.