BBFC got most complaints about Deadpool & Suicide Squad in 2016

The British Board of Film Classification received more complaints about the Marvel comic-book adaptation Deadpool last year, than any other film.

15-rated film Deadpool received complaints about “bloody violence.”

51 viewers complained about the film’s 15 certificate, with relation to sex references, strong language and what’s been described as “bloody violence.” The figure is well in excess of SPECTRE‘s 40 complaints in 2015 and Mr Turner‘s 19, the previous year.

In its annual report, the BBFC said, “Though the violence is strong and frequently bloody, this often occurs during fast-paced action sequences with little focus on detail. There is also a comic tone to the violence, and the film’s fantastical setting further distances it from reality.” The BBFC also explained that most of the strong sex references were “in the form of comic verbal quips or innuendo.”

The second film on the BBFC’s list was Suicide Squad, an adaption from the rival DC Comics camp, with 31 complaints. But in this case, most correspondents were frustrated that the 15 certificate was too severe, making it harder for younger comic-book fans to see the film. But the BBFC said, “The sustained threat and moderate violence in Suicide Squad were too strong to warrant a 12A.”

Both films were among the most successful at the global box office last year, each earning more than $700 million.

There were 20 complaints received about Tim Burton’s Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, many from viewers who believed the dark fantasy was too scary for its 12A rating.

Other films that generated complaints included Jason Bourne and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.