MetFilm moves into distribution with takeover of Republic

One of the hardest working companies in the UK’s entertainment business, MetFilm, has expanded into perhaps the final corner of the industry that has eluded it until now.

Zak Brilliant will join MetFilm director Jonny Persey (right) and head of MetFilm Production Stewart Le Marechal, to run MetFilm’s distribution arm

It’s taken over Zak Brilliant’s Republic Film Distribution and taken him on to head MetFilm Distribution and MetFilm Sales.

The expansion creates a one-stop shop, with MetFilm now involved in training film-makers at its film school, running a post-production facility, producing films, selling them though other distributors and distributing themselves.

The new distribution arm aims to release six to eight films each year, starting next week with Kim Hopkins’ A Bunch of Amateurs, which recently won the Sheffield DocFest audience award.

MetFilm also has a production branch, as well as running a film school, which has recently opened a new campus in Leeds, in addition to its main base at Ealing Studios and another in Berlin. The company has also recently expanded into TV.

The head of MetFilm Production, Stewart le Maréchal, said Zak Brilliant would bring a wealth of experience and was the perfect person to help them expand the organisation. “This move diversifies our portfolio and enables us to react more nimbly to the ever-changing market place,” he said.

MetFilm’s director, Jonny Persey, said the group could not be more proud and excited to be moving into distribution. “Whilst adding strength, breadth and versatility to our production and distribution work, the development also creates opportunity for our students and graduates to learn from, and experience first-hand, each stage of a production’s life cycle,” he said.

Former Icon executive Brilliant said he was thriller to be joining the team at MetFilm. “Their commitment to great storytelling through production and sales perfectly aligns with my vision for a dynamic, collaborative and plucky U.K. distribution business that supports British film and the best of world cinema.”