Take My Eyes – Review

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Pilar (Laia Marull) has had enough of her violent husband Antonio (Luis Tosar). One night, she takes their son and leaves.

Realising the error of his ways and unable to cope without her, he begins counselling and begs for another chance.

Love is blind: against all advice, she takes him back. But he struggles to contain his jealousy and his temper.

What’ll it take for her to break free?


Powerful performances from the two leads lift this small, domestic drama, but many of the supporting characters are wasted and hold the story back.

The scenes that work best are those featuring Antonio, whether it’s his outbreaks towards Pilar or his tortured soul-searching with his counsellor.

Pilar’s actions are inevitably contradictory, so it’s hard to identify with her.

The film has little to offer by way of a message, except that violence is bad.