Enduring Love – Review

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The idyllic English countryside on a perfect summer afternoon. Joe (Daniel Craig) is about to propose to Claire (Samantha Morton).

Suddenly, a hot air balloon crashes into the field. The accident brings the bedraggled Jed (Rhys Ifans) into their lives.

From then on, everywhere Joe goes, Jed follows. Soon, it starts getting creepy.

Being stalked by Jed has tragic consequences for Joe’s relationship.


This will doubtless be praised as a welcome high point in British cinema, but it doesn’t deserve that accolade.

The characters behave so illogically, they don’t earn any sympathy and you’ll need to suspend your disbelief too much.

The film’s best selling points are the balloon accident and the many powerful, painful scenes between Craig and Ifans.

Poorly written supporting roles fuel the film’s incoherence and waste good actors. Only Bill Nighy emerges unscathed.