After the Sunset – Review

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After one final daring diamond heist, thieving couple Max (Pierce Brosnan) and Lola (Salma Hayek) retire to a Caribbean island.

The FBI agent they keep outwitting, Stan (Woody Harrelson), follows them, thinking they’re planning to steal a massive diamond, on display on a cruise ship.

A local gangster, Henry (Don Cheadle), is after the gem too. Unable to resist temptation, against Lola’s wishes, Max hatches a plan to steal it from under Stan’s nose.


Bursting with characters as sexy and colourful as the locations, non-stop action and as many gadgets as a Bond movie, this is an enjoyable ride.

It won’t tax your brain or satisfy the more fussy cinema-goer, but if it’s fun you want, you won’t be short-changed.

Brosnan’s back in Thomas-Crown-style smooth uber-criminal territory, with Harrelson as his uptight, comic foil.

And Hayek’s the real jewel in this light, slight, perfect popcorn movie.