Cannes scrapped for May – hopes to run in late June

The organisers of the Cannes Film Festival have announced that this year’s event cannot be held on the scheduled dates in May.

The mayors lunch at the castle-courtyard on the hill is a fitting place to end a busy week in Cannes.

Strict restrictions on gatherings of large numbers of people in France, because of the Coronavirus pandemic, meant it could not have taken place anyway, but the organisers have say they’re hoping it won’t be scrapped altogether.

In a statement, they said “Several options are considered in order to preserve its running, the main one being a simple postponement, in Cannes, until the end of June-beginning of July, 2020.”

They say a decision will be made as soon as they’ve been able to assess the development of the French and international health situation.

The Festival De Cannes is the latest in a string of major entertainment and sporting events that have been disrupted by the outbreak; most have simply cancelled but like the French Open tennis, it’s currently taken a more optimistic stance, hoping to rearrange it for later in the year.