Don Juan in Soho – Review

Worth seeing: to marvel at David Tennant commanding a West End stage with the rude dial turned up to ten.
Cast:David Tennant, Adrian Richards, Adrian Scarborough, Alice Orr-Ewing, Danielle Vitalis, David Jonsson, Dominique Moore, Eleanor Wyld, Emma Naomi, Gawn Grainger, Himesh Patel, Mark Ebuluè, Mark Extance, Theo Barklem-Biggs, William Spray
Director:Patrick Marber
Writers:Patrick Marber
Theatre:Wyndhams Theatre London
Dates:17th March to 10th June 2017


The story of debauched, shameless Don Juan – the ultimate playboy with no moral compass – set in modern day Soho.

Based on Moliere’s 17th century tragicomedy, Don Juan.


A decade ago, Rhys Ifans burst onto the Donmar stage, bringing the legendary womaniser Don Juan to life – strutting, preening, leering, scheming. Patrick Marber’s energetic and beautifully crafted script was perfect for him. Can David Tennant exude that same louche charisma?

Don Juan is appalling, immoral, sadistic. Just back from his honeymoon, he is enjoying the affections of a Croatian supermodel. We know we should hate him. And yet… it is hard to resist the character’s boundless energy, charm and sharp shameless wit.

The audience is warned by his servant Stan (a wonderfully doleful Adrian Scarborough) not to fall for his charms – and although he tries to leave his master, he always finds himself drawn back. Tennant commands the stage, loose-limbed, at ease yet energetic. We follow his exploits with horror and laughter. As he tramples nimbly through people’s lives, a final reckoning beckons.

Tennant and Scarborough are a perfect double act – confident with the lively, witty, x-rated script; the audience enjoys a few topical lines – a reference to Donald Trump goes down well, as does an impassioned speech railing against constant social media updates.

Gawn Grainger is wonderful as DJ’s despairing, severe father. He has some fine lines.

This is a welcome return for Marber’s DJ reboot. A strong cast with a whip-smart script make it a must-see this Spring.