Saved! – Review

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Deep in the heart of the US bible belt, Mary (Jena Malone) is shocked when her high school best friend tells her he’s gay.

Weighing up the odds, she concludes it’s best to try to “convert” him, even if it does mean pre-marital relations.

God will forgive her…won’t he?

She gets her answer when she gets pregnant.

When fundamentalist Christian Hilary Faye (Mandy Moore) finds out, all hell breaks loose.


On the surface, this sounds like it’s a worthy teen drama at worst, or a tacky teen comedy at best.

In reality, it’s a wickedly funny satire on fundamentalism.

The issues – and there are many – are tackled with sensitivity and a biting wit, putting religious fundamentalism in its place without being insulting.

It’s a brave and ultimately successful blend of heart and humour, with several well-played, suitably surreal characters.

A worthwhile addition to the teen genre.