Wedding Crashers – Review

Worth seeing: for the hysterical first half of slapstick fun before the second half becomes serious and sentimental
Director:David Dobkin
Featuring:Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Bradley Cooper, Christopher Walken, Dwight Yoakam, Isla Fisher, Jane Seymour, Rachel McAdams, Rebecca De Mornay
Length:119 minutes
Released:14th July 2005


Divorce mediators John Beckwith (Owen Wilson) and Jeremy Grey (Vince Vaughn) are business partners and life long friends.

They share one unique hobby – crashing weddings.

They stick strictly to their “rules of wedding crashing” to meet and pick up single women.

Unfortunately when they crash the wedding of Treasury Secretary William Cleary’s (Christopher Walken) daughter, they seduce the bridesmaids Claire (Rachel McAdams) and Gloria (Isla Fisher) Cleary – and fall hook line and sinker for them.


The first hour is hysterical – it’s sheer slapstick with a great wedding crashing montage showing the boys getting into weddings of every shape and creed.

Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn are a great comic double act.

They have wonderful on screen chemistry with each other and with their love interests, Rachel McAdams and Isla Fisher.

Christopher Walken and Jane Seymour are somewhat wasted though, particularly Seymour who is brilliant in the first half of the film and then suddenly disappears without a trace in the second half.

The problem with this movie is it’s too long for a comedy at almost 2 hours long (padded out with a cameo by Will Farrell) and half way through turns all serious and sentimental, losing the plot completely.

The first hour will have you crying with laughter and the second with despair.