Go – Review

Worth seeing: as a three-pronged, darkly thrilling crime romp that ties together neatly, with a hip soundtrack
Director:Doug Liman
Featuring:Sarah Polley, Scott Wolf, Taye Diggs, Timothy Olyphant, Desmond Askew, Jay Mohr, Katie Holmes, William Fichtner
Length:101 minutes
Released:3rd September 1999


Ronna (Sarah Polley) plans a drug deal to pay her rent and escape eviction. Needless to say, it doesn’t go to plan.

Simon (Desmond Askew), who introduced Ronna to the drug dealer, is enjoying a weekend of sex and gambling in Las Vegas. That doesn’t go to plan either.

Adam (Scott Wolf) and Zack (Jay Mohr) are soap opera stars, forced to help in a police sting after being caught with drugs.


Go shows us these three stories, one by one, and then links them together more convincingly than you’d think possible.

At times, watching it feels like being on a rollercoaster with thumping music on your walkman.

Go bursts with energy.

It’s like an American Trainspotting: a strong ensemble cast playing dubious characters, a tight and intelligent script, with black humour, thrilling action and a thoroughly hip soundtrack.